Size: 30x30 cm

Medium: Acryl

Material: Canvas

Get to know the artist:
Zuzana Ridzonova
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About artist

Zuzana used to paint ever since she was a child, mostly for herself to alleviate her

inherent need to show her personality. This activity was always soothing and joyful to her. As an adult, she late entered the art world through an art collector house, and soon afterward met a prominent Czech painter, Jiří Petr, who mentored her and still continues to do so.

She paints with acrylic paints and through it she hopes to share her emotions. “It is a kind of therapy and meditation, the moment when time ceases to exist.” She is inspired mainly by nature, the universe, the love, the death and the harmony. Zuzana’s work can be defined as the journey of the soul in the universe. Every picture tells its own story. The paintings are in abstract style and offer great freedom of expression and movement.

Zuzana perceives the image as a projection of my own thoughts, which is inherently unique, distinct from other authors. She hopes her work will bring the beauty, the harmony and the inspiration to every home it hangs in.

  • Jarovit

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  • Immersion

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  • Flin

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