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Size : 50x50 cm

medium : Acryl

Material : Canvas

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About artist

I am an artist living in the small town of Topolcany in Slovakia. I have loved art since I was a child and my big fantasy always helped me out. So, eventually, I attended an art-focused high school and later college. Since then my passion for painting has only grown. My favorite medium is acrylic paints, but I often experiment with glue, oil, gold and silver foil or glitter.

Most of the time I use flat brushes, but I also use a chisel, sponges and sometimes even my bare hands. As you can tell, I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and materials for my work. I think I can divide the nature of my work into three categories: abstract, usually guided by my emotions; animals, with which I usually use surrealist colors and pop art inspired, which has been my latest endeavor. I really enjoy Andy Warhol’s work but I get inspiration from my surroundings in my everyday life. If you were to ask me why  I paint, I would reply with the old adage, ‘do what makes you happy.’ And painting makes me happy.

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