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Size : 100 x 70 x 2cm

Medium: Oil

Material: Canvas

Get to know the artist:
Justyna Kasperkiewicz
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Collage technique - a painting made of the fragments of female portraits build with intense colors on canvas is a part of my original art cycle ‘NEON’. The painting shows three strong women with a distinctive appearance.  It’s made up from cut up pieces in a way to create a coherent and complete composition. The inspiration to create the image was taken from the creativity of the modern photographer Mathew Guido.

About artist

Justyna graduated with the distinction of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź – Poland.

My passion, interests and real work concerns artistic fields like oil and acrylic painting, graphics, sculpture, clothing, and textile design, construction and creation of artistic objects and facilities.

The main focus on my artistic creations is the person, I’m especially inspired by human faces as a determinant of people’s emotions.

Consequently to that my two original artwork cycles created by me simultaneously are dominated by a motive of the person in a variety of styles and forms. The first cycle presents the vision created with realistic painting and flat graphic that completes the space and gives an individual character. The whole creation is presented in a kind of disturbing atmosphere and monochromatic colors.

The second cycle of my artwork is about the colors. It shows and points out the depth of the structure of the human body with a balance of expressive colors and blackness. The use of paints in neon colors gives the paintings a new, interesting quality and individual character.

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