Violet Splash Blossom

Painting > Expressionism > Nature

Size : 50x50 cm

Medium: Acryl

Material: Canvas

Get to know the artist:
Monika Varcholova
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About artist

Monika’s story had a late start- it began after years of energy and time-consuming back and forth in the commercial world. After feeling a need for a creative boost, she thought she would leverage her talent for playing with colors, she thought she would dip her feet into the world of abstract art.

It was only after she bought all the materials and was ready to just go crazy with the colors that she realized that it´s not that easy. It was then that she started taking art classes. Frustrated with the slow progress though, she began to dedicate herself to art quite seriously, working on her craft every day. Soon she became confident enough to show her relatives who encouraged even more. Her tipping point was when her work was first commissioned by a stranger and meeting the group of artists who offered me participation at my first exhibition.  

It was then that Monika describes, “Painting became part of ME.”




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