Podcast 03:

Podcast 03: "Leveraging the Insta-hype" - A Painter and A Glazier #3

In this episode, the artists explore how marketing one's art has changed since the rapid popularity of social media. They talk about everything from personal use as an artist, the possibility of curating their own mini gallery on their pages, and dealing with the large competition this medium opens them up to.
Podcast 02:

Podcast 02: "The Practicals of an Artistic Life"- A Painter and A Glazier # 2

In this episode, we continue talking to Danny and Dagmara about their experiences as an artist. We discover where they draw their inspiration from, what their process is before they even get started, and what drives them to continue.
Podcast 01:

Podcast 01: "The Choice to be an Artist" - A Painter and A Glazier # 1

Welcome to ôDo you even art bro?ö This podcast is Victory Artĺs initiative to make the strange and magical world of art a less confusing place to be. Listen and relive with us the experiences of artists, gallery owners, and art investors to find out why the world of art is perceived as a myriad of awesomenessssssssss.