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Art Talk: Naďa Kučerová on developing her art style

Art Talk: Naďa Kučerová on developing her art style


1. What is your main concept of art?

NK: With my artworks and the technique I create, I want to force people to look deeper, to look for more detail. Not only for pinarts but also for life. I aspire to awaken deeper feelings in the art observer as well. With my relief character or color combinations, I try to attract the viewer's eye and encourage him/her to fully immerse in the pinart.



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2. How did you start your art practices?

NK: I remember how my mother painted and drew when I was a child. Back then, it has already fascinated me and I started learning from her. So, you can say that my mother was the initial inspiration for my artistic career. As soon as I was older, I entered art school where I had the opportunity to develop and try many different techniques and styles. My own style, which I use to this day, was also formed there.



3. What inspires you the most?

NK: Now, well, the whole world I would say. The whole world is composed of layers, of parts. Just like my Pinarts. I am fascinated by our real world as well as the inner world that everyone has inside: the feelings, emotions, passions, and vices of humanity are my inspiration. I depict them mainly through women. 

Recently I started with a new collection in which I focus on the motives of my loved ones. Inspiration for the new collection will be the planet earth and nature in its full beauty. Breathtaking scenery, the endless palette of colors, and amazing shapes that nature can create so perfectly. 



 pop art   pop art

Curator's Choice: Passion by Nad'a 



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4. What are the medium and materials you currently use? And why?

NK: Sometimes I feel like a surgeon because the scalpel is my brush:) Essentially, I create Pinarts by layering and cutting paper. When creating, I use French and Italian design papers with high weight and various structures. Why? Because I like unusual and clean work. It's also my psycho-hygiene.



5. How did you develop your own style? What does a persistent art style mean to an artist?

NK: It was exactly 6 years ago, I remember it very well. The theme of the work we received was a self-portrait of any technic. I always liked to experiment, so I said to myself that I would try to create something from what I have at home. That's when I started making my self-portrait using a simple cutter and colored paper. It certainly wasn't at the same level as today, but I enjoyed it and I knew this was exactly what I wanted to develop. Regarding the persistent art style, I think that every artist has a style which he/she prefers. That's good because that makes the artist different. But of course, having your own style does not mean that you cannot move forward and experiment.



6. What medium or materials will you explore in the future? Why?

NK: In the future, I would try to go more into 3D space. I'm still thinking about the material. I have already tried wood, maybe it will be something like that.



7. What is the most challenging time for you as an artist? 

NK: In my opinion, the hardest times for an artist are those when they have no muse. Such dead periods will come, but with the right creative mind, they do not last long at all.



8. How do you develop a theme of a series? From life? From a social moment?

NK: I have several series of pinarts and each has a different source of inspiration. Sometimes inspiration comes from life, sometimes from dreams, and sometimes you just need to look around or just catch it in the memories. I like deeper ideas and symbolism in artworks.



9. How do you understand the art world?

NK: Some people may not realize it, but they encounter art every day in all aspects of life. In my opinion, the whole world is an art world. Art brings joy to life. Art makes you think.



10. What would be your suggestions to young artists?

NK: I am a young artist too but I would probably only advise what one wise man advised me to do: ‘Don't waste talent, keep working on yourself and show the world your unique perspective, your art.” And also not being like everyone else.



           Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop   Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop

Curator's Choice: Ice Shield Set of Two by Nad'a 



11. What does art mean in your life?

NK: For me, art is a way of expression and, at the same time, a rest. I love the feeling that I can leave something of myself in this world. Something that people may admire even if I'm not here anymore.



12. What is the power of art to people?

NK: As I said, art is all around us and we all use it, we admire it and need it in our lives.



13. What got you interested in working with sustainable art?

NK: I want to be part of a new generation that depends on the future of the planet, the environment, and people. I have never been indifferent to nature or our environment, so I try to work with materials that are more considerate of it.



14. Why did you decide to use these sustainable materials instead of traditional oil paints?

NK: I have always liked to experiment with non-traditional techniques and different materials. Paper is something so ordinary, and at the same time, it can be made into such unusual things. I like clean work as well as a clean environment so for me it was love at first sight. 



If you want to see more work from Nad'a, you can visit her page here. You can discover more of our artists here and their work. And if you want to talk more in detail about purchasing Nad'a's art or other art collections we have, you can always make an appointment with us. 



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