Filip Olsovsky

emerging Eastern European artist from Slovakia

My journey of painting started in December 2015, when I got my first colours and motivation to create my first painting. From that moment on, it became a part of my life.

I also found my inspirations for trips to various places around the world, where I discovered and grew to admire movements like cubism, constructivism, and abstract art. Eventually, I allowed my work to be freer – I like to stratify the colour, combining with burst lacquer, sand, and objects, that create a 3D effect.

After receiving positive reviews for my work, my creativity jumped up to the levels that would be unrealistic in the past. I developed a signature for myself-- 3D-like paintings. Since then, I would describe my work as a work of modern art rather than just a painting, because every piece that I create is a connection between painting and modelling. I’m convinced that using colours, shapes and various structures is advancing my creativity. I can create a life for many paintings and a journey of a great artist.

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