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I’m Simon George, a designer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
My artistic background starts about 20 years ago, in my hometown, Sighetu Marmatiei, when my sister first took me to an after-hours art class within “George Enescu - School of Music”. From a young age I’ve been drawn to creating, taking apart most of my toys and combining different parts to make new objects, so the art class came as a glove for my artistic tendencies. 



Fine Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art by emerging East European Artists

Fine Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art by emerging East European Artists

Fine Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art by emerging East European Artists

Fine Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art by emerging East European Artists


The workshop there was very authentic, a small darkish room with every inch filled with art supplies, drawings, a huge variety of objects and, of course, an old gray haired art master that raised us with an artistic mind for the next 5 years.After junior high, I moved to Cluj-Napoca to pursue art professionally. I’ve started with “Romulus Ladea - Highschool of Art”. Going to both National Art Olympics, exploring all art mediums and gradually specializing in design.


Browse Art Gallery at Victory Art - Russian artists     Browse Art Gallery at Victory Art - Russian artists     


After high school, I went to the “University of Art and Design - Cluj-Napoca”. Here, I’ve started growing very much with 3D software and by the end of this University, I started working as an Interior Designer at a local Architecture Studio (Upvision). Finally, I’ve started “Technical University - Cluj-Napoca” where I got my master’s in Industrial Design, although this was a bit too technical for my artistic ways, I really wanted to learn as much as possible when it comes to actually creating realistic, ergonomic and feasible products, this will later help me by greatly expanding my reach with most art mediums. After this, I kept working as an Interior designer, then moved to VFX company to further polish my 3D skills and finally opened up my own company where I could meet my growing demand for personal projects.


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Although I always loved drawing and mixed media, my passion for painting started quite late when I began to create specific paintings that would match my Interior Design projects. My works have always been about people, whether they are simply portraits, or they tell a different story like the importance of friendship and communication, so being around family, friends and new people is what inspires me to create. I believe most of us want to evolve and change, to become a better version of ourselves, and that is what I seek to address. In my works, I want to make viewers meditate about their relationships, about themselves and question the way they communicate with others in order to discover themselves.


Browse Art Gallery at Victory Art - Russian artists          Browse Art Gallery at Victory Art - Russian artists


With my portfolio growing, I’ve had my first solo exhibition at a local club named ROOM, in September 2018, and then got invited to “AiA la Sat” (a local, three-day art exhibition) for the 2020 and 2021 editions. I’ve also been invited to “Cluj Design Days 2020 edition”, where I exhibited some of my ceramic creations and “Creative New World 2021 edition” where I exhibited an NFT. In parallel with my physical art, I’ve also been featured for my 3D creations by VWArt Club, Corona Renderer, Render Weekly, Behance Industrial, Wacom Romania and D2 Conferences. 



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Regarding my art. I mainly like to explore and abstract science concepts, physical phenomena, human perception and generally use nature as the subject, so most of my work is grounded in reality as much as possible. Although some works may seem random, there’s always a clear balance that’s based on consecrated art and design fundamentals. As a designer, I always love to use premium products but I also hate waste, in that sense, most of my tools are improvised, I never use paintbrushes and most of my works have multiple layers of past paintings that did not make it to the end. My favorite and most used tools for painting are plastic cards, either expired credit cards, vouchers, etc. Tools that most people throw away, I reuse them until they’re filled up with paint after which I frame them and conclude a period of painting, usually half a year.



Romulus Ladea - Highschool of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
University of Art and Design - Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Master’s Degree in Industrial Design – Technical University - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 


Solo Exhibitions:

09/2018: ROOM



2020: “AiA la Sat” 
2020: “Cluj Design Days”
2021: “AiA la Sat”
2021: “Creative New World”


3D Features:

VWArt Club
Corona Reader
Render Weekly
Behance Industrial
Wacom Romania
D2 Conferences


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