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Medium: Acryl

Material: Canvas

Year: 2020

Get to know the artist:
Leila Kolkopová
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The second title would be: they won´t steel my sky!

This is the only painting I did during the quarantine in the spring 2020. I am so lucky to have a forest just beside my house so I every evening I was walking in the forest, grateful that I can be there. In one of those evenings I was starring at such a magical sky, that day I did not have my mobile with me so I kept starring to remember as much as possible to come home and just paint. I actually wanted to paint a really abundant forest full of trees but my heart and my hand did not want to. In my eyes it is a melanchonic piece stating that period, the trees are us, people, some sad, broken but when I look at the sky, my heart is full of peace and that´s why: they won´t steel my sky! Look to the sky and connect with your inner peace.

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