Leila Kolkopová

eastern european artist from Czech Republic               emerging eastern european artist


As a child, painting, and drawing was an escape from the outside world. My creative soul was guided by local artist Jiří Homola who always encouraged me to find my own style, which took me 20 years. However, when I did find that at 20 I quit painting, convinced it was not good enough to be seen by the world.

When I turned 30 I discovered spontaneous painting and my heart started to jump as I finally found myself.  I finally understood what my teacher wanted from me! I lead my brush with my heart and switched off my brain. I think today, you can see “me” in all my paintings. This enables me to love all of my paintings – because how could I hate myself? I enjoy being free in my expression, nothing is wrong, I do not judge what I see in front of me.

Because I enjoy passing onto others what I know,  I started to lead art classes. My aim is to bring happiness into people's lives, to make them remember their childhood when they knew how to play joyfully.

And my very recent theme is WOMAN. Love for my body, soul, who I am.


If you would like to get to know Leila more and discuss her work, send us a quick email at viktoria@victoryart.eu and we will schedule a video call for you!

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