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Size : 90x60cm

Medium: Mixed media

Material: Canvas

Get to know the artist:
Lukáš Pohánka
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About artist

Lukáš was introduced to studying graphic design through his love for graffiti art. He creates unique assemblages from graffiti waste and transfers them into a new luxurious context. His new collection is based on concrete, referring to a city landscape.

Lukáš Pohanka was born in 1985 in Slovakia. He studied graphic design at the University of Teesside in the UK and at Prague College in Prague, the Czech Republic. It was actually graffiti art which brought him to study graphic design. He got into graffiti for the first time in elementary school and it has never ceased to fascinate him. However, he uses graffiti art in his work in a completely different way than usual or expected. He perceives graffiti as a source of inspiration and as a specific social artifact. The collection of canvases called 'Mummies' are mostly assemblages created from graffiti waste transformed into a new form, which brings any style of street art into a new context. The peculiarity of Pohanka's style lies also in the area of using residual materials from famous street artists and using other traces which depict this lifestyle - he uses these materials to make completely new artworks, which are a reminiscence of a particular time and culture.

Pohanka's works are clean and organized; the street chaos is limited by the picture frame where the canvas tells a story of the short life of the street art itself. These paintings become icons of their own art. It combines a formal expression with the endangered street art and other artistic styles with the 'normal life' and the world of art galleries.


    570,00 € with VAT 475,00 € without VAT


    570,00 € with VAT 475,00 € without VAT

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