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Realist paintings are renowned for their lifelike depictions, capturing the essence of a subject with stunning accuracy. Artists employ masterful techniques to render light, shadow, and texture with incredible detail, bringing landscapes, portraits, and still lifes to life on the canvas. But the beauty of realism goes beyond visual fidelity. These paintings offer a sense of connection to the world around us. They invite us to appreciate the intricate details of everyday life, the subtle textures of a weathered face, or the breathtaking expanse of a natural vista ...

In a world increasingly dominated by the digital, realist paintings offer a grounding reminder of the tangible beauty that surrounds us. Whether you seek the tranquility of a meticulously rendered landscape or the captivating gaze of a detailed portrait, discover diversity of unique “realism” paintings for sale from various Central & Eastern European artists that will transport you to another world.

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Jelena Milatović | Realism

870 € with VAT 725 € without VAT


Jelena Milatović | Realism

440 € with VAT 367 € without VAT

Nevena and Dea

Jelena Milatović | Realism

870 € with VAT 725 € without VAT


Jelena Milatović | Realism

1 160 € with VAT 967 € without VAT

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