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Art Talk: Tanya on seeing art in everything she does

Art Talk: Tanya on seeing art in everything she does



1. What is your main concept of art?

TB: I believe that art is an outer expression of an artist's innermost experience. My main concept is to transmit my experience in the most understanding and accepting way. 



Want to find out what concepts match your space the most, take this quiz here to find out!



2. How did you start your art practices? With collectors art?

TB: I started professionally doing art at the age of 27. It happened spontaneously basically as I didn’t paint for a very long time. I came to a mandala meditation class, where I felt the flow during painting. Since then I knew I had to continue. So I found an art teacher and began painting on an everyday basis. The more I was painting, the more I was falling in love with it. Since then I cannot stop painting.



Is never too late to start making art, we have prepared some fun drawing tutorials for you to watch. 



3. What inspires you the most?

TB: Nature, people, emotions inspire me most of all. I believe that God is the best artist 



4. What are the mediums and materials you currently use? And why?

TB: I have been always using oil paints and still use them. I paint usually on handmade linen canvas or cotton canvas. I love the structure of oil paints and their textures. 



Collectors art    oil and golden leaf canvas

Curator's Choice: Africa by Tanya



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Collectors Art

5. How did you develop your own style? What does a persistent art style mean to an artist?

TB: I am still developing my style, I think it’s a continuous process. The artist is changing all the time, life is changing and it reflects on the style of an artist. 



6. What medium or materials will you explore in the future? Why?

TB: I am curious to explore mediums, I think I will explore acrylic paints in the future.



7. What is the most challenging time for you as an artist?

TB: Artist, like any other profession, is going through a transformation and that is challenging of course. The beauty of it is that you jump to another higher level which influences your art of course.



8. How do you develop a theme of a series? From life? From a social moment?

TB: Usually, the theme develops from things or emotions that impact me at a certain moment of my life. It can be situations, feelings, etc



painting modern oil canvas    painting modern oil canvas

Curator's Choice: Deep Blue Waters by Tanya 



9. How do you understand the art world?

TB: I am still learning it, understanding is a continuous process of learning.



10. What would be your suggestions for young artists?

TB: Follow your heart 



11. What does art mean in your life?

TB: Art is a part of my life. Art is in everything I do. The way I dress, speak or cook. It is not much different from the painting I make.



12. What is the power of art to people?

TB: Art makes people feel. Feel the vibes and emotions. Think about things maybe they have no time to think about or do not pay attention to in everyday life. Especially for collectors art.



Use our guide of collecting art to start your journey with art! 



If you want to see more work from Tanya Bilous, you can visit her page here. You can discover more of our artists here and their work. And if you want to know more about purchasing Tanya's art or other art collections we have, you can always make an appointment with us.



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