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Complete Guide to Choose Perfect Artwork For Office

Complete Guide to Choose Perfect Artwork For Office


Why an artwork is perfect for office?

When it comes to putting an office space together it’s easy to start and end on the essentials such as office supplies and furniture. The décor often seems like the last step of the whole process. The thing you always say you’re going to get to, but somehow you never really do. Or maybe you find you’re ready to dive right in but as you start looking for pieces, you somehow feel overwhelmed. I mean, there are literally hundreds of different artworks to choose from. So, where does one even begin?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just forget about it and focus on your work instead? In short, no. 

Incorporating artwork into office spaces is not just about filling up empty walls. It is really about environmental wellness which ultimately impacts ones’ mental wellness and as a result of this, their work performance. Your office is where you spend 40 hours a week of your life. Not exactly your home away from home, but essentially it is. Since you spend a substantial amount of your life in this space it is essential that you create a space that caters to your own needs. In fact, studies have shown that art in the office space has had huge advantages for the individual. Office art has shown to:

•    Reduce stress levels
•    Boost creativity & motivation





When it comes to finding the right piece of artwork for an office space, there isn’t necessarily a wrong answer. Unless, of course, it’s anything vulgar because let us not forget that this is a professional environment. Instead, there are a few things to take note of and avoid. So, before we get into the do’s, we will first take note of a few things you should probably avoid.



What to avoid for your office decor?

Repetitive patterns such as stripes, chevron or polka dots. Whilst symmetry may create balance in a home, in an office it gets very old very fast and ultimately has a sedative effect. This effect is the complete opposite of what you would want to create in your own office space.

So instead, you might go for something excessively complex and loud. Whilst these types of artworks are indeed stimulating, they can be too stimulating. To the point that you find yourself distracted and can’t get yourself to focus on your work or thoughts. This is not to say avoid such thought-provoking art works entirely, but maybe reserve it for a space outside the workplace.


How to choose perfect artwork for your office? 

Abstract art is a style that should be at the top of your décor list because it is non-representational, and therefore, up to interpretation. When a visual is up to interpretation it promotes active brainstorming, which is exactly the type of energy one needs in a professional environment. 





Although the size may be intimidating, mural art is definitely something to consider too. Mural art doesn’t always have to be so loud or extravagant. Incorporating scenic landscapes onto walls can really expand the size of a room and breathe fresh air into an office space. And, for the days when the workload feels too much, the mural art can offer a temporary form of escapism and calm your tensions. So, if mural art seems too big of a commitment, smaller pieces of scenic artwork may also be something to consider.

Now, colours. Colours are a vital aspect of brightening up the professional space. Colours have an implicit but significant impact on our emotional state. Dark and grey colours can encourage a depressive and uninspiring environment. Colours, on the other hand, arouse positivity which ultimately effects your productivity. For example, yellow connotes sunshine, summer, and happiness. The colour green makes us think of nature, which connotes calmness and neutrality. Maybe bright colours might not be your cup of tea, and that’s ok. You can then opt for pastels. But colours are definitely a key element in promoting a positive office space.



Final Thoughts

As you probably realise, I’ve only given you a few tips on choosing office art and not presented you with specific artworks to choose from. That’s because, at its’ core, art is very personal so what you want is still up to you entirely. These tips are only meant to guide you through the process, and like I said, there is no wrong answer. 

For those of you who are looking for a more temporary option there is also an option to rent artworks. This way, you will never feel lethargic or uninspired in your workspace by keeping your brain activity fresh. A type of Feng Shui if you will. So, don’t be afraid, and start introducing positive energy into your office space now.   



Ready to add color and inspiration to your office? Check our gallery with variety range of paintings for different taste and budget to find your perfect artworks to elevate your office.


If you want to check more guide on art, see more detailed guide from our blogs  how to buy art for yourself and for your office. We are glad to help you to find the perfect wall artwork for your office by book an appointment with us, Let the art speak for your wall!


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