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7 Ways of How Art Can Stimulate Work Place

7 Ways of How Art Can Stimulate Work Place



Fine art encourages discussion and stimulates imagination, creativity, and intellect. As a result, it can be an integral tool to encourage motivated and productive employees. The physical environment inevitably impacts employees, especially if they have to spend around 40 hours a week in that space. Art can be an “instant fix” to make company spaces look attractive and create a stimulating environment where employees would enjoy working. It is an essential element of the office design. The welcoming environment created for employees and clients breaks up plain walls and relieves the potential visual boredom. 



Have you ever walked into an office building, and think like I want to work here! The HR strategy today focuses largely on the physical well-being of employees, therefore, making workplaces that help to enhance and boost employees’ both mental and physical health become a vital part of the strategy. The research found that essential perks such as fresh air, natural lights, decorated and personalized working spaces are the most significant elements. In this blog, we will bring some insight into how optimizing office areas can help to increase employee productivity and company identification. 



1. Increase Employee Affinity Towards the Company

Even the most promising candidate can have issues staying motivated in an uninspiring office. It is an HR effort to maintain talents and get the best out of the employees. So, why not start with where they work. 



 Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop   Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop

Creator Choice: Revelation by Emil.



Try out the new AR feature to see how this artwork looks in your office!



2. Art Can Boost Productivity

Since offices are the central hub of any firm, investing in office space boosts productivity, an innovative mindset, and enjoyment of work. Dr. Craig Knight's historical study in The University of Exeter’s on the psychological effect of working environments found a difference in productivity between decorated and undecorated workplaces, concluded that employees work 15% quicker than those in an office with bare walls, undecorated or just with the necessary equipment for required tasks. And this 15% increase generated $150,000 more than normal just by hanging artworks on their walls. So now that we’ve established the importance of a hospitable physical space for your employees, in the next part, we are going to tell you why using art can get the job done. 



3. Art Relieves Stress & Makes You More Observant 

As full-time employees, we understand the stress of working from 9 to 5 every day. Painting, sculpting, drawing, and photography are rewarding and relaxing activities. Art creation processes have also shown positive results in the mental transition of military veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) into art therapy. Even a 35 min walk around a gallery can help you with exhaustion. So, for company, it is time to make your office hallway a small art gallery!



4. Art is An Affordable Decorative Element in Architecture and Office Design

There are many elements to invest in that can give a representative office more character: architecture design, wallpaper, and a lighting fixture. These elements, however, take time and continuous maintenance. On the other hand, art adds an extra layer to the formal layout of offices and can be customized in a short period to fit with a company's branding guidelines. Additionally, it helps the office to stand out from other places.



Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop   Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop

Creator Choice: NO CONSEQUENCE. by Magdalena



5. Art Increases Productivity

Art is different from other decorative elements because of its symbolic meanings. Because of that, art can stimulate the human brain, making us more critical and empathetic. “Employees in offices with art work 15% quicker than those in offices containing only the things necessary for required tasks” - as concluded by Dr. Craig Knight of The University Exeter’s.



6. The Color Effect

Scientists have studied that colour can send messages to human psychology. For example, blue implements trust and reliability, red is seductive and green speaks for quality and freshness. With the use of art, a certain type of environment can be created, according to how you want the place to function. Office design is a very helpful factor. 



7. Art Can Be Personalized

As mentioned before, one of the needs of employees when it comes to their well-being is to customize their workspace. With the right choice, art allows employees to participate in customizing their workplace, and when they have the chance to set the tone of the office space, the personalization allows the workplace to have a productive atmosphere. 



 Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop   Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop

Creator Choice: Sliver 12. by Michal



Check out our mixed media collection for more inspiration! 



By investing in office space, firms attract more talents, creating an affiliation with employees that money cannot buy. Using art to design office spaces, not only benefits firms internally, but also gives firms a great local reputation by supporting emerging artists or the local art market. So, now, the question is, are you ready to dive into the world of art and get the best out of it?



If you want to know, even more, check our more detailed guide on how to buy art for yourself and for your office. We are always here to help you to find the right artwork, you can book an appointment with us, and remember, enjoy yourself while in the process!



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