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I used to paint and draw since I was a little kid. I needed to create some kind of world inside my head and painting helped me to do so. I imagined fairy-tale-ish countries and drew faces with huge eyes and teeth.

 She is an emerging artist and Photography student of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She is fond of expressionism, abstraction, conceptual, and / or explicit artwork style. Her idea is to experiment and always search for new techniques. Apart from visual art and music, KLF is a writer, a mental health activist, and a philosopher of her mind.







Kara L Falk or KLF (in her real name Klara Kusa) lives in Slovakia, Bratislava.

Later on, I started to experiment with photography, video, graphic design, and film.

Today I realize art is something I need to do to stay alive. I simply have to clean my head and it is like a meditation for me. It keeps me alive when gloomy days knock on my door and hesitate to leave.



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