Luchezar Kočov

I am a self-taught artist since 2015 but actually, one is never completely self-taught.

I like drawing since I was a little kid though I had a huge pause. I've always been inspired by beautiful music, film, book, sentence, or just standing outside in nature and looking at the distant trees, the sky, breathing the air. I like the mythologies and the ancient stories, either fantastic or not, that give the people deep moral lessons. Adventures, creatures, gods, characters, magic. This is part of the things that inspire me most. I like the possibility to sculpt a form on the paper. Going from flat to 3D. The physical and non-physical expression of each portrait, figure, landscape, its gesture, and mood. The beauty of the contrast and lines. I like being swallowed by a beautiful piece of art while looking at it. My journey of studying goes on".

If you would like to get to know Luchezar more and discuss his work, send us a quick email at and we will schedule a video call for you!

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