From blood to the Sky

Painting > Expressionism > Figure

size 100x120cm

Medium: Acryl

Material: Canvas

Year: 2020

Get to know the artist:
Jelena Milovanovic
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From blood to the Sky

Inspiration for this artwork came to me with a strange atmosphere of „Post-humanity Global Health Crises“ that came with the Covid 2020 isolation...

As an artist, I felt the urge to introduce the healing process... The main subjects of my interest were the Inner life, the nature of Light, and finally, almost like a ritual, I repeated one motif in a series of paintings - human Hands.

This painting comes from that series and presents the process of Self-development.

Humans are composed of the material, corruptive nature, and their Spirit, which is trying to overcome its limitations. A Spirit that has a Tendency for Perfection.

 This leap, an act of a free Will, is only visible in human nature. It is a supreme differentiation between Human nature and the rest of the Creation.

In philosophy and art, hands are often the symbols of Human specialness.

Hands reaching out to the Sky is a gesture of potential for Perfection.

In my work, I always pay attention that the surface, the color, and the story follow the same narration.

So, I decided to protect the smooth, white surface of the canvas in areas where the human skin appears. I wanted it to be intact and clean, to emphasize the purity of the gesture of those hands raised up... Gathered like lighted candles they are reaching and touching the Sky, the Infinity.

Human hands are emerging from the matter, which I presented as blood, with strong and vivid vermillion red, blood that also has the tendency of climbing up, touching the Sky...

"From blood to the Sky“ is a path, a challenge put in front of Mankind in order to become one with the Light, the Eternity, the Sky...