Tenderness of the prayer

size 80 x 100cm

Medium: Acryl

Material: Canvas

Year: 2020

Get to know the artist:
Jelena Milovanovic
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Tenderness of the prayer

The Corona isolation in my country provoked severe measures by the government, most disturbing for the normal life, like the prohibitions of the movement. They closed serious problems and discontent of the confused people. They raged on the streets of my hometown, and I felt the anxiety of the world in my body. I felt the suffering and long time suppression of the many.

So I had to redirect my energy to some positive goal... in this painting I gathered the hands of many, to confront the raising fear and defeat it without using the violence, but the indestructible power of Innocence.

I wanted a strong contrast between the Innocence of those who suffer and the Dark that surrounds them. Not the Dark that would swallow them, but the dark that reveals them and defines them as the opposite.

That is why the darkness has the strong blue radiation, the color of Mystic, the Depth, the Hidden Beauty, presence of the Higher Idea.

Just like the Celestial fire that burns everything that is fake, non-existent, but doesn't hurt the gold, the things which ARE, like Innocence, a Life, a Soul.

This Darkness is Apparent, Mystical, it is a Process, A Catalyst, a tool of the higher Cousciencesnes.

Hands preserved the purity of the canvas white, and gesture remained gentle and deep like the prayer...