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Sizes : 100 x 100 cm

Medium : Acryl

Material : Canvas

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About artist

My name is Sabina and I come from Czech Republic. Although I am a development engineer, my heart belongs to art and has been my whole life. I started out with portraits but gradually moved onto figures and eventually abstract art with which I fell in love with. That was the point I decided to focus more on painting and share my passion with the world. My paintings are mostly made of acrylic paints or resin on canvas.
When I first saw resin art I knew I found something very special I need to explore and learn. I learned the whole process completely by myself and after much practice found my own personal style. Working with resin is still quite rare in the Czech Republic and I am stream that I learned it myself. Almost every piece I create is inspired by nature scenes like the ocean, lagoon, flowers, rocks, and marbles. And I love to add metallic colors as a contrast to the solid hues. I strongly recommend more people try out resin art, it is quite an experience.
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