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10 reasons why art is good for your mind and brain

10 reasons why art is good for your mind and brain


10 reasons why art has mental health benefits

Ever wondered why in Art Night pictures, people look particularly happy? Or why the joy on their faces look almost the same as dance nights? Well, art is used in therapy, however, there are no limits to the positive effects of art, even if you are not one to pick up a paintbrush.  Art has been said to have many benefits. This is a list of benefits that have at some point been scientifically proven. While the majority of the positive effects of art are directly linked to mental health benefits. 

Mental health benefits


1. Creating Art relieves stress and makes you more observant 

One of the fundamentals of creating art is training you to focus on the details while also paying more attention to them. This is possible because when people work on their art-related activities, most people go into a ‘zone’ or a state of flow.’ This meditative focus pushes aside any worrying thoughts occupying your mind temporarily, allowing your mind to take a break as well. 

Creating art gives your brain a break from your usual thoughts. An average person has roughly 60,000 thoughts per day, and 90% of them are exactly the same! Hence art activities, such as painting, sculpting, drawing, etc, help a person relax by lowering their stress levels, leaving you feeling rewarded. Even a 35 min walk around a gallery can help you with exhaustion. 

Creating art also eases the burden of chronically ill patients with stress, anxiety, and depressions that accompany them. 



Mental Health benefits

Artist: Agnieszka



2. Art encourages creative thinking & problem-solving skills 

Contrary to popular belief, creative thinking does not mean simply using the right side of your brain. However, what it really means is the communication of both sides of the brain to come up with novel ideas. 

According to Dr. Lawrence Katz, mental decline is mainly the loss of communication between the brain cells, it is not the death of brain cells themselves. Suggesting that exercises that help you use your senses in new and novel ways can actually help keep your brain healthy. Dr. Katz also said that creating art is one such mental exercise.  



3. Art boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment 

Studies suggest that creating art helps increase dopamine - the feel-good near the transmitter, otherwise also known as the ‘motivation molecule’. It boosts drive, focus, and concentration. A by-product of creating art is the sense of accomplishment it builds with every small artwork completed. It also helps build your individuality and self-esteem.



4. Art increases connectivity and plasticity of your brain 

Every time a person engages in new and complex activities, your brain creates new connections between brain cells. A brain’s ability to grow and change connections throughout your lifetime is called plasticity or neuroplasticity. Creating art stimulates communication between different parts of your brain. 

Studies have shown the long suspicion that music and art programs help children become better students. Musical training helps children perform better in math, language, and reading while enhancing plasticity and connectivity. While art training helps increase plasticity, fluid intelligence, IQ, and attention. It is also said to improve overall behavior and reduce impulsiveness. 

Albert Einstein reportedly said that music was so much a part of his life that if he hadn’t been a physicist, he would certainly have evolved into a musician 



Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop  Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop

Creator Choice: Mozaika by Peter



Try out the new AR feature to see how this painting looks on your wall! 



5. Art boosts memory 

Creating art is also having positive results in the treatment of dementia patients. Due to art’s effects in creating new connections and plasticity, it also leads to building psychological resilience. 

Though there is no direct link to art boosting memory for healthy people, experiments have provided positive results in the treatment of dementia patients.  



6. Viewing art increases empathy, tolerance, and a feeling of love. 

An experiment conducted during a student museum visit showed that even an hour’s trip to the museum showed signs of improved critical thinking skills among students, exhibiting empathy, and expressed tolerance towards others different from them. 

Brain scans also revealed that looking at art triggers a surge of dopamine in the same areas of the brain that registers romantic love. 



Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop   Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop

Creator Choice:Drop of Love by Sandra



7. Creating Art as Art therapy 

Art therapy is a combination of both psychology and Art, where professional art therapists have professional backgrounds in both. Art therapy is used to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

It is recommended usually in situations of high-stress occupations, mental disorders, learning disability, brain injury, and chronic illness. It is also highly recommended for children and teens with problems personally, or at school. Check out our article on 10 Reasons Art is Good For Your Mind and Brain!

Art Therapy is also an effective tool used to treat or manage a number of mental health conditions. 



Together with our artists, we have prepared de-stress drawing sessions for you to watch and have fun. 


8. Simply Viewing Art can help increase the blood flow to your brain 

While many believe and have proven that viewing art can enhance the neural connectivity of your brain. Jacob Devaney said that while viewing an artwork you are potentially firing the same set of neutrons as the artist during his state of creation, thus making new rural pathways in your brain. This is also often referred to as the ‘embodied cognition' 

In the same logic Professor Semir Zeki, from his experiments, concluded that looking at art, whether landscape, horse, lady, or a house, there are strong activities in the brain related to pleasure. Additionally, viewing an artwork you like or find beautiful increases the blood flow in certain parts of your brain that produces a strong pleasure response  



Take a tour of our sustainable art virtual exhibition online. 



9. Benefits of Awe 

While viewing a painting you find beautiful, can cause people to experience joy, akin to the sensation of falling in love, even viewing an awe-inspiring painting can have positive effects on the physical and mental state of a person. Experiencing awe even on a rotten basis in your routine life can have physical benefits and can give a sense of hope and provide a feeling of fulfillment.  



See our full collections to find the inspiring artwork that makes the Awe!



10. Creating art boosts dopamine

Creative activity promotes the growth of neurons and boosts the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter known as your body’s natural antidepressant and is associated with feelings of happiness and well-being. Neurons, the cells that build the nervous system and transmit information throughout the body, absorb dopamine. Apparently, creative activity doubles your potential to feel happiness and a sense of well-being, setting the stage for greater overall health and individual health outcomes. To those of us who practice an art form regularly, and know what this feels like, this might be a bit obvious. 



We've made a list of interesting things you can do at home to discover the creativeness of art. Download the file for free here, (no email required). 



Despite the direct link to physical health mentioned, a healthy mind can always lead to a healthy body. Art enhances brain function and well-being leading to positive mental health benefits. Let your healing process begin.



If you have other questions about art in general and buying arts, we are here to help you, you can book a consultation session with us.



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