Size : 41x59 cm

Medium: Paper Handcuts

Material: Paper

Get to know the artist:
Naďa Kučerová
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What is passion? It is a strong, long-term feeling that has 
a significant impact on man, thinking and activity. It is a source 
of energy, perseverance and the will to overcome obstacles 
or to achieve the goal.
The picture depicts a woman whose passions are hidden in 
her inner world yet. I leave the viewer space to think and search.
The colorful, biomorphic shapes representing energy, obscure the expression 
of the eyes. Because the eyes tell a lot. It is not always easy to show hidden passions.

About artist

The combination of artistic trends of the past decades with contemporary graphics, feelings of lines and colours are the basic pillars of my work. You cannot find traditional painting with me, the power of paintings comes from the depth of layers of coloured surfaces. I called my art Pinart.

Layered, hand-carved images represent the gateway to the "other world". By embossing character or combination of colours, I try to attract the eye of the viewer and encourage him to "immerse" himself into the Pinart. The closer the viewer looks, the more details and individual layers are revealed, forming a whole when viewed from a distance. I have always preferred originality, new technologies. That's why I developed my own technique. In my Pinarts I use many layers of paper from which I want to hit the space. This passion for fine relief has remained from my previous years of studying spatial design. I am currently developing 3 collections, each with its own source of inspiration.

I am fascinated by the inner world that everyone has inside. The feelings, emotions, passions and vices of humanity are my inspiration. I depict them mainly through women. For abstract-biomorphic shapes I am looking for inspiration in nature. The picture always has its own idea / story, that the attentive viewer will understand when examining symbols. I also create portraits in collaboration with various successful sports personalities that create a small hall of fame.

I love art because it never gets old, its legacy persists and bears witness to its time. It is something tangible, but at the same time it's something, that is not tangible, the thought / story of the author. I never copy my Pinarts, there is only one piece of each, one original that will belong to only one person. I bring exclusivity to my Pinarts also by materials. The Pinarts are made of highest quality Italian and French design papers to fully preserve color and shape for investment potential.