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Size : 50x50x3 cm

medium : Acrylic

Material : Canvas

Get to know the artist:
Martina S.
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A joyful variation of colors that comes from my soul. This work embraces color while placing equal power on line. It embraces simplicity while communicating vastness, complexity and sense of interwoven interdependence. My abstract art is evidence of choice, a moment in time when a body conveyed thought and feeling through line.

About artist

Hello. My name is Martina and I live in the Czech Republic near Prague.I got to painting as a little girl, but the passion came after my living in the Netherlands,where I lived for 2 years. I inherited the feeling of painting from my grandparents and my mum. I continue this "tradition" and I enjoy it very much. I'm learning new techniques myself, I like experimenting and I'm a pedant. I use acrylic for painting and I like geometric shapes. Painting helps me get rid of bad thoughts, relax and put my feelings out on the surface. The greatest achievement and pleasure is if my paintings like other people. Simply said, "I found myself in art".

    259,20 with VAT 216,00 without VAT


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