Home office design for small space

Home office design for small space

How to decorate small space

1. Define your space

If you have a large space, it is so good to hear. However, for those possessing a small space, you can have a little trouble. The point is to make use of whatever space you have, be it a living room, a corner of a room or your closet. Dedicate a spot for working, as you do not want your space to be multifunctional.

2. Create a plan

Before you want to purchase a big table that can take half of your space, plan it, measure it, create a floor plan, evaluate whether the furniture can fit. The result can be satisfactory for you.

3. Decorate your surrounding

Try not to leave your wall blank, as the filling of your furniture in your small room can be claustrophobic. Try adding some colors or stickers to make it livelier.

4. Put a desk

Now comes the most important step. You do not want to sit on the ground or on the chair with your laptop shaking on your legs. Build a desk and customize it.


Ideas for small space

Sit or stand workstation

Most of the time you need to sit to work. But there are many health risks that you do not anticipate should you sit for too long. Therefore, the advice is to have a bar height desk that you can use standing, to help your blood naturally flow, and a bar stool should want to sit down. By utilizing your surrounding wall and tapping them into a wrap around, you can create an inexpensive workplace that can increase your productivity and maintain health at the same time. A painting can set up for a productive day.


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Tiny space utilization

When you live in a tiny apartment, or room, it is advisable for you to utilize every single space as your living and working space. To prevent claustrophobic design, we would advise you placing your working table opposite to a window to provide a wider and open view, along with natural lights, or place a bright lamp should you have no window. A painting with warm and bright colors would be recommended to help you concentrate.



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Pink is the choice

Pink is usually associated with femininity but decorating home office with pink can help you with psychological problems. However, be careful when choosing the shade of pink, as the pink too strong can make your room (space) look nothing more than a princess in Disneyland. Our recommendation is a pale pink along with light green to harmonize atmosphere.



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Colorful room

If you are a vibrant person with unicorn personality, a room with multiple colors would be the best choice. The combination of both warm and cold colors can balance the atmosphere and give you a space with lots of motivation. Be sure to add neutral colors, such as black and white, not to overwhelm your visual sense. An ideal space of your choice would be a brown shelf filled with books of bright colors in conjunction with wide plant pot and green plant.



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Wall-mounted furniture

A limited space limits your creativity to decorate your furniture on the ground but do not worry, you can utilize the unused potential of the wall. Besides, there is no point in having your wall without decoration, so it would be best to place your personal workspace belongings and decorate them.



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