Top Interior Trends 2020

Top Interior Trends 2020

It’s only more than 2 weeks away from the end of 2019 and the beginning of a new decade. We have witnessed a year full of up and down,  rise and fall of various trends in 2019.

In light of the upcoming new year, we have compiled the top 8 interior design trends of 2020.

Natural elements

We are embracing more technology, yet also realizing how we are removing ourselves from the reality as we immerse with science fiction-related environments such as theme of dystopian future or that of a utopian nightmare.

So, it is a common tendency to turn to the more natural interior choices, like wood, plants and calming paintings for a more imitate sense of self.

Curator's choice: Fruits Paradise by Kate

For a further step into nature where birds sing and rivers flow, try to immerse in paintings depicting exactly the place you would like to be at.

Curator's choice: Forest no. 6 by Jakub

The return of minimalism

We predicted that maximalism was coming back with a bang, but we have a change of mind: it is minimalism that is making a comeback or, depending on your whereabouts, just continuing to be as strong as ever.

Just as most famous brands such as Apple, Instagram and Samsung redesign their logo from 3D to 2D, minimalism in painting is also what the artists are following.

The minimization of colours and texture provides the artists with unfiltered self-expression. Yet, plain white walls might seem too boring at times, so spicing it up with a valuable and interesting art piece might just be the way to go to.

Curator's choice: Moon by Tanya

The rise of Blue

Grey has been dominant in 2019, but as the Pantone Color of the Year 2020 is classic blue, we expect an unexpected surge of blue in interior design.

Classic Blue can help your house with a stable and peaceful environment and bring more balance to your life. Try to combine it with minimalism and enjoy the peaceful outcome. 

Curator's choice: Blue Being by Simona

For a complete immersion in the colour of the sky, try out paintings depicting the blue in its whole glory.

Curator's choice: Wild Seas by Leila


As people are more self-aware of the climate change, consumers are reconsidering their buying choices when it comes to shopping just about anything.

Sustainable and recycled products are well appreciated and gaining increasingly lot of market share as people are becoming more appreciative of clean and viable surroundings. 

We are currently working on artworks made from sustainable materials, that you will be able to see soon in 2020.


Just as minimalism is on the rise, classicism is too.

As the art industry is embracing the modern technique of art creation including using Artificial Intelligence to make art, collectors are having an urge to go back to a more classic way of doing art, including classical handmade artworks.


Curator's choice: Heavenly Cliff by Tanya

Forget me not, green?

With natural elements coming into town comes also the surge of green elements. Representing the elements of nature and intellectual, the colour green is a fine addition to your living space that relieves the technological toxicity of smartphones and PC. 

We already saw the rise of green in the interior design this year, but the coming year we are expecting even more of it. And we are not surprised: with all the health benefits this colour of life is thought to have, we are 100% looking forward to using it everywhere around us.

Try to combine green with the beloved minimalism for a true appreciation of its power.

Curator's choice: Africa by Tanya

Or absorb yourself in the glory of green by creating a blooming environment where the central figure is the colour of nature. 

Curator's choice: Underneath by Andrea

Pink still is the trend

For all the pinkaholics out there, we have got great news for you.

Pink is still standing strong as the perception of pink as the woman-centric colour is being erased.

Pink can help you feel assured and loved, and take you to a fantasy world whenever you feel the need to take a minor break from the real world. The Ruler by Zuzana can call upon your Patronus to relieve you of your stress

Curator's choice: The Ruler by Zuzana

What about me, brown?

It would be a shame to forget brown as we introduce the natural elements of art.

Associated with ground and earth, brown represents the down-to-earth attitude, practicality and reliability, it also is known for a zen-like aura that calms you down.

Curator's choice: Indigo Feeling by Andrea