Viktoria's Birthday Offer

Viktoria's Birthday Offer

I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you. Maybe something I learned in the past year­? Maybe something about art? Or maybe even something about entrepreneurship? However, I settled on a very simple, but not easy concept. While walking to the supermarket two weeks ago I realized I should share what I realized last year and what each of us needs to learn: to be a little bit happier every day.

When I was small, I was always striving for perfection. My day had to be perfect, my birthday had to be perfect, my plans had to run smoothly otherwise I would become disappointed and my day would be ruined.

"One of the things, what entrepreneurship has taught me is to forget the idea of perfection."

I realized that life is not about having the perfect moments, or perfectly planned days. Rather it is about enjoying every single imperfect moment. Being happy, being grateful, even when things don´t go your way and finding beauty in it. Be happy you had that argument; it challenged you to become a better version of yourself. Be happy you did not get what you wanted; something better was waiting for you right around the corner. And mainly, be happy with yourself, because you are a masterpiece in progress.

"You are the biggest project you will ever get a chance to work on, so be proud and make sure, you will take your time to create magic!"

Another important thing entrepreneurship taught me is to be ok with the tough moments. To let them come and let them go away like a wave in the sea. When a wave comes and you do not fight it, but rather lie on it, it will go away. It won’t hurt you but rather leaves you with a new experience, making you fully embrace the beauty of this whole thing called life. Next time you will feel like you are going through a tough time, appreciate the moment, make the best out of it, and get ready for new amazing challenges!

Until next time I would love to wish you a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of happiness and a lot of challenges, which will help you create your magic!