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Maják means the Lighthouse and it is the first and the only specialized facility for deafblind adults in Slovakia. The young deafblind live in a community of 8 people. The group home provides them with the opportunity for education, the development of their personality, they learn to spend their leisure time and develop their interests. Maják no provides social counseling, special communication, social rehabilitation, art therapy, music therapy, and learning through individual development plans.












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When 33-year-old Kika moved to Maják, it quickly became her second home. An expressive resident, she communicates with others not only through a wide range of signs and symbols but also with not-to-be-missed facial expressions. She loves social and leisure activities, after which she often relishes a small cake and coffee. 

At the end of each session, she can be seen covered in the colors of her creation: she becomes her own art. Radical as it is, such an immersive method helps her during times of distress.









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Born in Shina in 1980, Juraj describes himself as a loner who was abandoned by his parents. His poor eyesight prevented him from learning to paint. But when coming to Maják, he finally found a place to think, relax, and be with himself.
His caring, music-loving, and scholarly-curious personalities are expressed through his spiritual canvas works depicting his work with themes of nature and protective figures.









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Martin arrived at Maják with auditory and visual impairment, because of which he can only hear white noise and suffers from extremely blurry vision. Such difficulties render nonverbal communication a struggle for him. To make things worse, he is also unable to move his hands and knees properly, making it difficult to independently engage in everyday activities.
Regardless, Martin maintains his dry sense of humor, often using it to make jokes rendering his peers and caretakers dumbfounded. He can also be seen cooking and spending time feeding and playing with cats, which he considers his friends. 









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34-year-old Peter is one of Maják's most reserved residents. While not one to show much emotion, Peter still has a deep attachment with Maják, the place he calls home. 
A man of few words, Peter always plans his schedule marked by pictures. He loves his art therapy sessions and can't help but enjoy outdoor activities such as visits to nature, walking in galleries, and horse-riding. In his free time, he can be found watching comedy TV, doing simple math, and playing games.