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Milena Gaytandzhieva (1980) obtained her bachelor's degree in Textile Design and Art from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2004.
I cannot live without creating art. I am а creative person and just cannot work anything else except art or a job which is connected to art like a design for example. I search for art everywhere when I cook, when I walk, celebrate a birthday, make love. 









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I’m an artist from Bulgaria. I fell in love with abstract painting because it is unpredictable and interesting as a technique that requires all my attention. I use the wet-wet technique with pigments and different oils. This way of creating art is quite interesting,   painting leads the artist in some unknown,  random direction. 

Right now I’m more interested in experimenting with different materials, such as oil, various solvents, pigments, etc. I was always interested in the technique and technology of painting with color.



Bulgarian artists

Bulgarian artists

Bulgarian artists