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10 Ways To Use Art To Spice Up Your Living Room Interior

10 Ways To Use Art To Spice Up Your Living Room Interior


The living room is the most essential space in a house. If decorated correctly, the outlook of the living room can make a home more inviting. Unlike furniture, wallpaper, or other décor, paintings and art pieces are timeless–something that will last through the ages. Art can be used as an everlasting way of reflecting life. Draw inspiration from the space you are decorating. A tall painting would fit rather perfectly on a narrow wall near a doorway than as a focal point in the middle of the room. In fact, if you wish to maintain a decluttered look, you can create an organized gallery by hanging framed art in perfect alignment. Yet, a statement painting above the couch might even be the most obvious choice for living room decor. A photograph of antiques and vintage art can also be an alternative to paintings. From vintage to sleek modernism, you can choose a theme to create a stunning space that matches your style.



Modern Vintage

The modern meets traditional is an understated decorating scheme. It is without a doubt that vintage is one style that makes a comeback throughout the years. Vintage never fails to pique the interests of today’s market, be it for clothing, art, or gadgets. When it comes to art, most clients wish to adopt the best design styles of their eras with an amalgamation of modern styles. Decorate your home with iconic artworks that set the tone for a retro scheme. Revisit the ‘60s and ‘70s with artworks offering a contemporary edge.



Modern Vintage with Untitled SN II Painting

Curator's choice: Untitled SN II by Slik



Statement interior

Employ exciting artworks in your living room to achieve a standout scheme. A statement interior uses color to unite the elements such as furniture design, wallpaper to the artwork. Geometrical graphics could also be a statement interior piece for your living room which can make the room beguiling and polished. Yet, statement interior is not just about the appeal but could also take the form of a comfortable homey outlook.



Statement interior with Adventured of Lady Amber Painting      Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop, AR

Curator's choice: Fibonacci Spiral by Olga



Try out our new AR feature to see how this painting from Olga is going to look on your walls at home and office! 



Contemporary interior 

Embellish your room with subtle colors of stone, metal, and wood or geometric designs in artworks to achieve an urban retro mid-century style that provides sophistication in an understated look. The contemporary look can also achieve a more streamlined outlook in the interior when working with sleek shapes and subtle textures. Alternatively, try investing in soft gray artworks and crisp white details to achieve a contemporary look. Such an interior can create a cozy space that looks neat and stylish. 



Contemporary interior with Taura Painting     

 Curator's choice: Pure by Sandra



Classic Interior

The classic style can range from Monochrome schemes that make space appear smart and on-trend to pearly pastels fostering a sense of tranquility. Consider investing in a pale grey artwork with a hint of pink to add class to the interior. You can achieve easy elegance by investing in a classical layout for your interior.



Classic Interior with Sayo Painting    

Curator's choice: Monochrome Landscape by Angelika



Boho Style

Boho style is not a new interior trend. Boho has been making a comeback in the design and art industry time and time again. It is an interior with inviting colors, textures, and patterns. It is without a doubt that boho has been around for centuries and is assumed to stay for a long period of time.



Boho Style with Just Another Day Painting        Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop, AR

Curator's choice: Spilled by Agnieszka



Dramatic Interior

Creative, bold, and dramatic interiors have become explicitly common in the interior design industry. The perfect way to achieve a dramatic interior is to look for sets of deep blues and purples in the interior and artworks. Consider matching deep blue artworks with luxe, such as velvets and silks, furnishings, and elegant lighting to achieve a dramatic living interior.



Dramatic Interior with Night Fairytale Painting

Curator's choice: Night Fairytale by Andrea



Scandinavian/ Nordic Style

As this century’s defining interior trend, Scandinavian interior works with simplicity and minimalism. To achieve a Nordic interior style, consider introducing some neutrals into your color palette. You can also mix in a warmer shade of wood browns and pastel pinks to achieve a Norwegian outlook in the interior. With a focus on geometrical shapes, fluid abstract print achieves minimalism with the utmost simplicity.



Scandinavian/ Nordic Style with Trees Paintings    

Curator's choice: Bonsai by Elena



Nautical Scheme

One of the most classical color combinations is navy and white. Match blue art pieces with your white walls to achieve a beach-inspired, nautical look. It revitalizes a plain white room. Such an interior design trend provides a relaxed atmosphere and makes owners feel like the ocean is always near. You can further achieve this scheme by supplementing your room with decorative elements such as stripes, anchors, and nautical maps.



Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop, AR       Artwork from top artists from Eastern Europe, fine art, modern art, art shop, AR

Curator's choice: Wave by Magdaléna



Soft Rosé

Rose has been fast replacing the metallic gold trend that emerged a few years ago and adding interiors with a fresh look. Such soft, powdery pastel shades work well due to their ability to match existing furniture without much added effort.



Soft Rosé with Abigail Painting      

Curator's choice: Circle 1 by Leila




To add a touch of subtle sophistication to your living room, considering choosing a neutral gray artwork. As a go-to neutral for most designers, this soft shade imbues a room with character yet tranquility. Grey can range from deep charcoal to pale dove; each of them provides a different tone to the living room.



Gray with Grey Painting

Curator's choice: Grey by Lukáš



Want to read more about color and interior design, click here! You can also check out our special collections to find more inspirations for your space both at home and office! Not sure which artwork to buy, no worries, check out our rental art services, and if you need more help or special requests, feel free to book an appointment with us! 



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