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Alina is a landscape painter and nature is the major theme in her work. Her concern is not to show things how they are but to show the emotional experience of nature which allows some kind of abstraction of the depiction. 
"My main focus is the landscape of the psyche. This is the place where the conscious and the unconscious meet, where reunification with the spiritual self takes place through contemplation of nature."






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Katerina P. was born in Kyiv, Ukraine on June 26, 1977. Katerina is an artist and a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Journeyer Member of the Pastel Guild of Europe, laureate, and winner of many exhibitions and contests.
Katerina Pyatakova`s artworks are in private collections in Ukraine, the USA, Europe, Australia, and Russia. Covers of poetry books in the USA and New Zealand are decorated with artworks by Katerina Pyatakova, as well as artworks of the artist are used as illustrations of fine arts textbooks.






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My paintings are about loneliness, human fears, mental peace, and much more Recently I came to the conclusion that my pictures are autobiographic, they disclose themes, problems, experiences, observations, which I already felt about myself. The paintings reflect my thoughts about the events that I have personally been confronted with, which I feel and experience. The last couple of the year I was interested in social issues, the status of the soul, and how that it is affected by the thoughts and personal experiences of people.






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My life, as much as I wanted it to be, has never been standard. Because of my parents' jobs, I have had to change many countries, languages, schools, and friends -- quite an instead upbringing. Art, however, has been a passion that followed me all along those years, everywhere I went. It became that stable friend that I could so, fortunately, share my experiences with, and something that will inevitably be a part of me forever.







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I was born and raised in Ukraine, the city called Ivano-Frankivsk, which lies in the Western part of my country. Art was always a part of me, somewhere inside and not shown to the public.
Through various techniques, I try to project my emotional state on canvas at the moment I am painting. I do love painting; it is a meditation for me, a state of mind where the flow of thoughts stops and you can feel the moment as it is. It is impossible to lie on canvas, put on masks, pretend someone else.







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My name is Yulia Paliy, I am an abstract artist. Mostly, I work in liquid stores painting techniques, namely: Resin art technique (epoxy resin); Fluid art technique (liquid acrylic); Alcohol ink technique (alcohol ink). There are exceptions when I paint in a traditional way.


I love and have a craving for new things, which is probably the reason why I have become so attracted to the rare painting techniques in which I work now. By comparison, they are still young and have many unread pages that I want to discover not only for myself but also for the world through my creativity.



Ukrainian artists

Ukrainian artists

Ukrainian artists