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When Eliška was born in 1989 in Hodonín, her destiny has already been predetermined. It was to make others happy and give away smiles where love and understanding were missing.

With her sensibility, hand, and brush she captures on the canvas everything she feels at that moment. She is able to work sensitively and in tune with her aesthetics and various feelings. Her inspiration is her current feelings and moods, which are based on her Gemini sign. She perceives life intensively, intuitively, and fearlessly.








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I’m a freelance photographer of the ‘people’s stories’. My aim in photography is to kill the stereotypes and open eyes. I'm searching for controversial or somehow special lifestyles and destinies all around the world.
I've photographed f.e. : women in the war-zone in Ukraine, exorcism in Ethiopia, revolutionary youth in Iran, Indigenous victims of wilful fires in Amazonia, tragicomic life of Japanese businessmen, and plenty more.










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Josef was born on 29th May 1979 in Pilzen. The large city on the west of the Czech Republic where his grandparents brought him up. His grandfather, a famous Academical artist, was his guide and teacher throughout his childhood, and later on, in his life, this important journey to Las Vegas showed him the direction he wanted to follow.
His performance has always been a show where he describes his feelings, people’s feelings, and the modern lifestyle. He also writes hidden messages to his pictures which makes people think about themselves and also the art itself.









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I come from Ostrava in the Czech Republic. I'm 36 years old and I started painting quite recently. I had no idea what I was going to do and did not expect that it would enthrall me and fulfill it at the same time. I have studied marketing and then geoscience and mountain tourism at the Technical University of Ostrava. So it was really far from painting and art. Yet art has found me.
 Maybe it sounds cliché, but painting means to be an escape from everyday reality. From every day, stereotypical duties and let's be honest, from kids. I paint because I need it. I love that I can express my feelings through colors. The way I put a piece of myself into every single picture. 










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As a child, painting, and drawing was an escape from the outside world. My creative soul was guided by local artist Jiří Homola who always encouraged me to find my own style, which took me 20 years. However, when I did find that at 20 I quit painting, convinced it was not good enough to be seen by the world.
Because I enjoy passing onto others what I know,  I started to lead art classes. My aim is to bring happiness into people's lives, to make them remember their childhood when they knew how to play joyfully.









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I am an artist currently living in the obscure but beautiful city of Brno. A stubborn experimenter and a hard worker, most of my life was spent working in my studio, covered in paints and surrounded by used tape. Sometimes, I even forget to eat. Regardless, it is a lifestyle I embrace with open arms.
Always fascinated by pretty much everything, I always wanted to understand how the world works or at least a part of it so I can then bend its rules to create my own. While I started off pulling most of my inspiration from nature, it later evolved into a fascination for architecture.










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I love to express myself through paintings! Every single piece has positive energy I put into because when I'm starting to paint, I forget all my worries. There is only me and the canvas!
At this moment I enjoy my life not only in a personal way but also in a professional way! I am sure you can feel that joy and good vibes from my paintings too! Just enjoy it!









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My name is Sabina and I come from the Czech Republic. Although I am a development engineer, my heart belongs to art and has been my whole life. I started out with portraits but gradually moved onto figures and eventually abstract art with which I fell in love with. 
Almost every piece I create is inspired by nature scenes like the ocean, lagoon, flowers, rocks, and marbles. And I love to add metallic colors as a contrast to the solid hues. I strongly recommend more people try out resin art, it is quite an experience.









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I was born In Prague in 1978 into a very peaceful family, my father is an Architect and my mum a graphic designer. They both really love art, and it was quite clear, that I and my sisters will follow the spirit of art to... So I learn to draw since I was 6 years in school and it was great for me because as an introvert, this is the best form of how to communicate and express to people the world as I see it.    









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 Each painting has its own story, evoking different ideas in each person - it opens up a unique, magical space. I like to let my mind wander around this landscape of my soul. It is my free, inner universe, full of contentment and joy.
 I was born in the Czech Republic and I have Czech-African (Senegalese) roots. Both cultures had an impression on me and their influence is evident in my work. I work with bright colors and distinctive morphology. It best captures the state of my mind at a given moment. I often paint spontaneously, I let the subconscious express itself immediately. 










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After having my first child, surrounded by people who spoke a different language, I began to feel isolated. I found myself painting every ‘free’ moment I had, usually while my son napped, providing release. 
Painting is my way to explore themes of motherhood, personal development, and identity. My aim is to expose the complexity and beauty in the mama-self | mama-mother duality; sharing the joy, balance, and strength arising from this nature. This connection is the heartbeat of my work.



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