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Born in 1994 in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland. In 2008-2010 she learned the basics of art workshops under the supervision of artist Zbigniew Sawaryn. In 2014, she graduated with honors from State Art High School in Kielce on artistic fabric (tapestry) specialization. In 2017, she defended her diploma in the field of Graphics of the first degree at the University of Humanities and Natural Sciences (former Academy) Jan Długosz in Częstochowa on the specialization - graphic art. The commencement and continuation of the second-cycle studies was the next step on the way to the master's degree in fine arts.










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I create realistic paintings focusing on ambiance and feelings which connect places and people. The intricate fragments of my life are the subject of my works.
I slowly matured to become a painter. I graduated as a designer and a shoe designer job became my daily grind. In those days I used to paint after hours until I was able to comprehend that painting is the most amazing thing I can do. Now, after moving and living in a few cities in Poland, I found my place in Sopot where I currently live and work.









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I'm an artist currently living in Warsaw. Experimenting with different media where I combine oil, acrylic paint, ink, chemical substances, natural pigments, and also dyes used in microscopic examinations. All of them combined to bring out unique and intensive colors.

My abstract paintings are inspired by geological formations, cosmos, oceans, and sea life. In my artwork, I focus on details and structure.  After a closer glimpse, you can notice in my work patterns looking like microorganisms or cells under a microscope giving an organic feeling to my art.










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Dominika Fedko-Wójs, born in 1992, lives and creates in Krakow. Graduated from Krakow's Academy of Fine Arts with distinction, obtaining a master's degree in Graphic Design. For her master thesis and diploma which had been displayed at the Palace of Art in Krakow, she received a Society of Friends of Fine Arts Award, handed out during the official ceremony in Professor Karol Estreicher's Villa.
Besides being a fine artist, Dominika is also a graphic designer in one of the biggest branding agencies in Poland combining her professional career with a passion for illustration, animation, and artistic book design.









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Gamid Ibadullayev  (b. 1980, Baku, Azerbaijan, in Poland since 2005). Graduated from the Academy in Baku with diplomas in Ceramics and History of Art (2003), and from the Cinematography Department at the Film and Television Academy in Warsaw (2008).
In my art practice, I am interested in looking for similarities between artistic activity and processes occurring in the world of nature. I am inspired by these natural phenomena that are unpredictable, unique, or capable of shaping the space. Observing them and their constant changes, like growth, decay, movement, revival, or relationships with man-made objects – is a starting point for my work.









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I was always passionate about art ever since I can remember, I always wanted to create. My passion is all about expressing my thoughts and feelings because I'm a very emotional person. 


In art, we also need to think of medium and materials. My latest works are all about sustainability. I started working on canvases that are made by me from scratch. Our canvases are completely made from old plastic bags that are thrown away every day, and which is harmful to the environment as well as other people.










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It all begins with a blank piece of paper or canvas. I never plan what to paint, nor have any idea what will come out or how long it would take to finish. A journey begins with the first strokes of the brush, pencil, pen, few drops of water, first splashes of ink, paint.. and then, in the flow, I discover curious worlds of my own mind.
I love doing things in an intuitive way whenever it’s possible. Things that inspire me and make me feel alive are conscious movement and dance, playing djembe, creative cooking, photography of moments that catch my soul, home decorating, exploring nature.









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Justyna graduated with the distinction of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź – Poland.
My passion, interests, and real work concern artistic fields like oil and acrylic painting, graphics, sculpture, clothing, and textile design, construction, and creation of artistic objects and facilities.
The main focus of my artistic creations is the person, I’m especially inspired by human faces as a determinant of people’s emotions.









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I was born in Nowy Sącz (Poland) in 1997. There I have finished Artistic Education in the field of visual arts. Now I have started Contemporary Art in Kraków.
I base my actions on attention to detail and great diligence, which gives me satisfaction. Every day there are new challenges and new ideas. Some day it is nature but someday it's an emotion my emotion caused by real life.









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Michał Konrad Zalewski is a Polish abstract painter. His style is a fusion of geometric abstraction and expressionism. In his work, he focuses on composition, color, and structure.
He is inspired by music and urban culture. His work seeks to explore themes surrounding music and human emotions, forcing viewers to think about their feelings.









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I was born in Konin in 1995, in a city in the center of Poland. Since 2015 I studied Graphic Art at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. My specialization is intaglio and I finished my master's degree in this technique.

I use basic techniques like aquatint and etching but also I prefer more complicated things like sugar lift and salt tint. Except for metal techniques, I work also in serigraphy, linocut, lithography, and painting. In my artworks, I focus on architecture, geometry, and social problems. 








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The result of my creativity is a creation consisting of an excess of received and felt stimuli from the reality that surrounds me. sometimes The works are a commentary on various topics such as: human, nature, demographic phenomena, and metaphysics, which we can only feel.
In conclusion, I would describe my work as predictions in the semi-conscious artistic dance of the art-shaman.


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Polish artists

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